From the call for papers: “The International and Interdisciplinary Cultural Heritage Congress, historically recognized for promoting reflection and criticism of cultural heritage from interdisciplinary approaches, has the honour to invite researchers, academics, professionals and experts in the fields of cultural heritage to participate in its fourth edition. This important event will be held from 16th to 20th of October in the headquarters of the Biobío Regional Government, with the support and funding of the same. This instance seeks to promote a comprehensive view of cultural heritage, framed in the understanding of the past from the present and with the purpose of projecting an introspective future and in line with human cultural diversity. The event will focus on the themes of “Industrial heritage, social issues and challenges for new governance” . . .

We invite all interested parties to present their proposals for papers and posters related to the following thematic axes:
• Historic, theoretical and memory perspectives of industrial heritage.
• Local and global governance, conflicts and responses to industrial decline and closure.
• Proposals and projects of heritagization in post-industrial contexts.
• Cultural, educational and touristic management with a critical perspective on heritage.
• Archive, museums and curatorship with a perspective towards the future.
• Decolonial critical reflections on declaratory instruments, new proposals.
• Critical tourism and its interfaces and socio-cultural dimensions.
• Industrial memories of the 50 years of the military coup in Chile.
• The role of women in industrialization and the post-industrial transformation.”