Created at the University of Calgary in 1976, the Calgary Institute for the Humanities has worked to foster humanities research of the highest order, to encourage interdisciplinary conversations between scholars, and to communicate the results of Humanities research to the greater community. At the CIH, we support research excellence and take a broader approach to the humanities, to include all forms of study that illuminate what it means to be human. Each year the CIH hosts a variety of Research Fellowships: including resident fellows, doctoral and postdoctoral fellows, and visiting fellows. Our research projects bring together groups of scholars from the University and beyond to address focused research questions. These have resulted in over thirty volumes of essays in areas such as literature, philosophy, religion,  and the history of science. More recently, the CIH has explored the future of Calgary, issues in medical humanities, digital humanities, energy and environmental humanities. Since 1981, the CIH has held an Annual Community Seminar to explore timely cultural and social issues. 


Partner contact: Petra Dolata