David Sobel graduated with an M.A. in History with the intention of continuing his studies and becoming an academic. He took a year off and never returned to that plan. He began a career in studying manufacturing, mainly working for unions. Next, he wrote about deindustrialization. Later he worked as a policy advisor in the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Now he is retired and returning to this area of study.


After Inglis

This project will focus on what happened to the Inglis workers after their plant closed. This was the subject of an earlier book called “Working At Inglis” (Lorimer, 1993) This new project will be based primarily on oral interviews. It will discuss the process of “adjustment”, the search for work and new employment and finally retirement, will be explored and analyzed. So too will how this historic large industrial neighbourhood was transformed by this closure, as was Toronto in general. Finally, I hope to explore how this massive loss of manufacturing jobs changed the Steelworkers.

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