New perspectives on research and practice in the history of labour, social movements and capitalism February 22-23, 2024 – UQÀM

The Canadian Committee on Labour History is pleased to present this call for papers for two Journées d’étude at UQÀM (February 22 and 23, 2024) on new perspectives in the history of labour, social movements and capitalism, as well as on new public history initiatives aimed at enriching the memory of resistance within communities. In this way, we hope to foster the development of a broad network of people and organizations involved in the research and dissemination of the history of labour, social movements and capitalism.

We invite interested individuals and organizations to submit a proposal addressing one of these themes:

– labour relations and the transformations of capitalism

– trade unionism and social movements

– care work and social reproduction

– public health and solidarity

– environmental crisis and extractivism

– colonialism and neocolonialism

– systemic racism and white supremacy

– deindustrialization and spaces of solidarity

– international division of labour and Global North–South relations

– financialization and capital concentration

– the right to housing

– fight against real estate speculation

– or other relevant issues.

Proposals may take the form of an individual paper, a panel, a workshop or a round table. Papers may be presented in both English and French. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, October 31. Please include the title of the paper, a 250-word abstract, and a 150-word biographical note. Send your proposal by e-mail to:

Organizing committee: Edward Dunsworth, Lauren Laframboise, Benoit Marsan, Martin Petitclerc, Camille Robert