The series is organized by the project’s Industrial Closures component, as a first step in thinking transnationally about deindustrialization and its politics. Its goal is to critically examine six keywords in deindustrialization studies and consider their historical emergence and explanatory power across multiple national and thematic contexts.  What do these concepts offer us? Why do some concepts emerge in one national context but not another or come to have different meanings? And what are the adjacent or intersecting concepts that emerge in their stead?

This series took place between October 2020 and March 2021.

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Deindustrialization / Deindustrializzazione / Désindustrialisation / Deindustrialisation / Deindustrialisierung

Chairperson: Gilda Zazzara Other Presenters: Tim Strangleman, Xavier Vigna, Stefan Berger, Jackie Clarke, Dimitry Anastakis, Steven High. This workshop considers the emergence of deindustrialization as a core concept in academic […]

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Ruination / Verfall / Rovine / ruine et perte

Chairperson: Alice Mah Other Presenters: Arthur McIvor, Roberta Garruccio, Fred Burrill, Rebecca Dolgoy, and Olaf Schmidt-Rutsch Fundamentally, deindustrialization is a process of physical and social ruination as well as part […]

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Brownfield / friche industrielle/ Industriebrache / Area dismessa

Chairperson: Lachlan MacKinnon Other Presenters: Jana Golombek, James Rhodes, Steven High, Keith Gildart , Sean O’Connell, Andrew Perchard. By examining the meaning and significance of “brownfield” in different national contexts […]

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Greening / Industrienatur / Ecologizzazione / verdissage

Chairperson: Petra Dolata Other Presenters: Alice Mah, Jana Golombek, Greg Wilson, Steven High, Lucie Morisset, Lauren Laframboise. This workshop considers the ways that deindustrialization gets entangled with the language of […]

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Moral Economy / économie morale / Sozialverträglichkeit

Chairperson: Keith Gildart Other Presenters: Tim Strangleman, Stefan Moitra, Lachlan MacKinnon, Marion Fontaine, Andy Perchard, Pascal Raggi. Developed originally by labour historian E.P. Thompson in relation to the ways that […]

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Populism / populisme/ Populismo / Populismus

Chairperson:  Stefan Berger (or Steven High) Other Presenters: James Rhodes, Gilda Zazzara, Marion Fontaine, Stefan Moitra, Sean O’Connell, Greg Wilson. Populism is probably the most important keyword that our research […]

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