The Deindustrialization & the Politics of Our Time (DePOT) project has organized a two-part Roundtable Series that invites recent authors of books and special issues on deindustrialization to speak to their major findings and what their overall intervention is to the field. The panelists include leading scholars across the humanities and social sciences in North America and Europe as well as museum and policy professionals. After everyone has presented, there will then be a Question & Answer period.

Part 1 takes place on May 14 at 10am EDT, and will be chaired by Jackie Clarke, featuring presentations from Marion Fontaine, Xavier Vigna, Stefan Moitra, Katarzyna Nogueira, Ewan Gibbs, Mike Waite, Cédric Lomba, Tracy Neumann, Jason Hackworth, Gabriel Winant, and Stefan Berger. Register here.

Part 2 is scheduled for June 18 at 10am EDT, and will be chaired by Steven High, featuring presentations from Giacomo Bottà, Chiara Bonfiglioli, Pascal Raggi, Lachlan MacKinnon, Tim Strangleman, Alissa Mazar, Ben Rogaly, and Gábor Scheiring. Register here.