For over twenty years, Francesca Marconi has been developing workshops and projects of public and participatory art, through the experimentation and contamination of contemporary languages of art in dialogue with human and geographical border dynamics. Her studies of art, theatre and cinema influence his languages. For each project she carries out, however, these languages change and evolve according to the characteristics and potential of those who are involved. Her interest for the social world leads her to conceive the project through relationships and collective experience, which then translates into shape and work. This is her starting point: imagining shared visions and new possible relationships with the landscape to which we belong. For years she has been involved in teaching contemporary art for minors and adults and she has carried out projects in Italy and abroad, collaborating with numerous organisations, museums, institutes, foundations, associations and NGOs.

Recent projects:
Se gli occhi fioriscono, edited by Campanella, Bianco Valente, A cielo aperto in una stanza, Latronico. Todes, curated by G. Scardi and Maria Paola Zedda: Pac-Contemporary Art Pavilion, Triennale Gardens, The Alliances of Bodies-via Padova. Internazionale Corazon, Corpi Fanno paesaggio, curated by Scardi, Loreto underground, Pasteur and Cimiano; The Alliances of Bodies, curated by M.P. Zedda, G. Scardi, PacContemporary Art Pavilion, Mosso Gardens, Martesana Amphitheater; Club Zero, Triennale Gardens; Milano Piano Zero curated by Giacomo Pigliapoco and Chiara Spagnol, Triennale Project; Via Padova State of mind, OnOff Space, Orti di Via Padova, Paolo Nava Typography, Legnaia Tajani; From DeChirico to Chagall and beyond, curated by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi, 21 Gallery Treviso; Centro de Arte Matadero, Cohabamba_Bolivia. MiAbito-La forma dei Corpi, promoted by the Wurmkos Foundation, curated by Gabi Scardi: Museum of the 900-Mi, Wurmkos Pharmacy, 21 Vicenza gallery, Erratica Capaccio Paestum. Cartography of the horizon, supported by Urban Heat, Global City_Local City, Creative Europe Programme: Project Vicinanze Insight Foto Festival, Varese; Currents Fest, Sestri Levante; Fuori Luogo / Border Crossing – Manifesta 12 Palermo Collateral Event; A Cielo Aperto curated by Bianco Valente, Campanella, Latronico; Biennolo, curated by Bergamini and Vanoni; The society of risk artists / sociologists by Patrizia Bonardi, (Bs).

Manifesto al Presente

Manifesto al Presente is a project that involve workers living in situations of fragility and isolation from the social/public sphere: first- and second-generation immigrants, precarious women, sex workers, lgbtqia+ communities, differently marginalised and racialised subjects… The project wants to be an intimate dialogue in which to restore a coexistence of bodies, struggles and experiences in which people can exercise their desires. 

The Isec, Istituto per la Storia dell’Età Contemporanea photographic and autobiographical archive, becomes our mirror and reflection to create new representations of instances and narratives, real or symbolic; a political and poietic reading of workers’ testimonies projected upon the broader scales of capitalism’s processes of hegemony between past, present and future.