Fritz-Hüser-Institut für Literatur und Kultur der Arbeitswelt 

(Fritz Hüser Institute for Literary and Cultural Work Studies) 

As a unique research and public outreach institution maintaining a large archive and an extensive library, the Fritz Hüser Institute for Literary and Cultural Work Studies (FHI) collects and examines the imaginary of work: literature, art and music from the 18th to the 21st century in German speaking countries. Our focus lies on literature written in the 19th, 20th and 21th century and on working–class cultural practices. In our research, collections, and our outreach activities we address established researchers, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows as well as the wider public. 



Partner contact:

Iuditha Balint is the director of the Fritz Hüser Institute for Literary and Cultural Labour Studies in Dortmund, Germany, and holds a PhD in German Studies and Media Aesthetics. She is also a member of the Literature Commission for Westphalia. Before starting her current position in 2018 she was a postdoc and research coordinator of the Graduate School »Work and its Subjects. Media Discourses since 1960« (»Die Arbeit und ihre Subjekte. Mediale Diskursivierungen seit 1960«) at the University of Duisburg-Essen. From 2010 to 2015 she was a doctoral student and researcher at the University of Mannheim. 

Before studying in Germany, she lived in Sighișoara, one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Romania, and worked as a teacher in a Hungarian-Romanian speaking kindergarten. 

Her research interests lie in literary and cultural labour studies, literary economics, theories of metaphor, historical semantics, and the history of concepts. She has published extensively on the dissolving boundaries of work and leisure, and on subjectivations of work in the 18th and 21th century in fictional and non-fictional narrations. More recent publications include Erzählte Entgrenzungen. Narrationen von Arbeit zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts (2017), Opus und labor. Arbeit in autobiographischen und biographischen Erzählungen (co-ed. with Katharina Lammers, Kerstin Wilhelms and Thomas Wortmann, 2018), Goethe und die Arbeit (co-ed. with Miriam Albracht and Frank Weiher, 2018), Arbeit am Text (ed., 2020), Brotjobs & Literatur (co-ed. with Julia Dathe, Kathrin Schadt and Christoph Wenzel, 2021). Currently she is working on a monograph on literary economics, and trying to make cultural studies and literature accessible for the wider public.