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Anastakis, Dimitry. Quoted in Josh O’Kane, “Ford deal paves way for electric vehicles,” Globe and Mail, September 22, 2020. Read the full article here.
Anastakis, Dimitry. Quoted in Greg Kennan, “Honda, Toyota on pace to out-produce Detroit 3 in Canada for first time,” Automotive News (also republished in Automotive News Canada, and
various other sources), December 4, 2020. Read the full article here.
Anastakis, Dimitry. Quoted in Dana Flavelle, “Is the threat to Ford’s Oakville, Ont., assembly plantreal?” Automotive News, July 27, 2020. Read the full article here.
Anastakis, Dimitry. Quoted in Joe O’Connor, “The five billion dollar blue collar man; Unifor leader Jerry Dias swore he would get a new deal for the shuttered GM plant in Oshawa. Others thought the notion ‘delusional’, National Post (reprinted in The Windsor Star, Edmonton JournalCalgary Herald, Montreal Gazette, The Star Phoenix and The London Free Press), November 28, 2020. Read the full article here.
Fraser, Tom. “Canadian pension funds driving privatization in Brazil,” Canadian Dimension, September 14, 2021. Read the full article here.
Golombek, Jana and Olaf Schmidt-Rutsch. A regional journal on heritage conservation has published a project description: “Was bleibt, wenn die Industrie geht?” Industrie-kultur, Fachzeitschrift für Denkmalpflege, Sozial-, Umwelt- und Technikgeschichte: 48.
High, Steven. “Ciclo di incontri online ‘Deindustrialization and the politics of our time’ (16 ottobre 2020 – 12 marzo 2021),” Società Italiana di Storia del Lavaro, March 11, 2020. Full article here.
High, Steven and Centre des Mémoires Montréalaises. “Visages de notre histoire: Daisy Peterson, source d’inspiration de deux légendes du jazz.” Journal de Montréal, May 2, 2021. Full article here


Anastakis, Dimitry. Interviewed on CTV National News (Omar Sachedina) on the Unifor/GM Oshawa announcement, November 5, 2020.
Dolata, Petra. Interviewed for Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies. Full interview here
Ferns, James Patrick. Interviewed for “The Years That Changed Modern Scotland,” BBC Scotlandepisode 2. Full interview here.
High, Steven. Interviewed in Sidhartha Banerjee, “In Montreal’s Little Burgundy, hopes of reviving a hub of the city’s Black community Little Burgundy seeks to preserve Black history.” Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal (also published by Penticton Herald; Montreal Gazette), February 18, 2021. Full interview here.
High, Steven. Interviewed in Joanne Bayly, “It’s been 72 years since Thomas Falls was killed in custody. His family says it’s time for justice.” CBC News, June 21, 2020. Full interview here.
High, Steven. Interviewed in Sidhartha Banerjee, “Petite-Bourgogne: des citoyens veulent souligner l’histoire de la communauté noire.” L’actualité, February 18,
 Full interview here.
High, Steven. Interviewed in J. Cohen, “SSHRC awards $2.5M to Concordia-led collaborative research on deindustrialization and the rise of populism.” Concordia News, June 3,
 Full interview here
High, Steven. Interviewed in Marian Scott, “Truth and myth: Tracing the roots of the October Crisis.” Montreal Gazette, October 4, 2020).
 Full interview here
High, Steven. Interviewed in “Deindustrialization in Canada and Beyond.” Sweater Weather podcast, January 13, 2021.
 Full interview here.
Moitra, Stefan. Interviewed on “Menschen im Bergbau” project for “Research in Germany” newsletter, edited by DAAD/BMBF, September 2020.
Zazzara, Gilda. Consulted for Umane Tracce, photographic exhibition on the closure and demolition of a small factory in Porto Marghera, June 11, 2021.

Docu-serie e Podcast:

Clark, Andy. Production advisor and onscreen expert, The Years That Changed Modern Scotland,” BBC Scotland. Fourpart TV documentary. Documentary here.
MacKinnon, Lachlan. Interviewed in “Post-industrial Communities: Researching Our Past to Better Our Future,” Beyond Research Nova Scotia Podcast, March 11, 2021. Full interview and podcast here
MacKinnon, Lachlan and Jim Meek. “Research That Matters: Deindustrialization.” Saltwire Media, June 2021.
MacKinnon, Lachlan. “William Davis and Working Class Memory,” CBC Radio, Mainstreet. Listen here.
Zazzara, Gilda. “Strade di Porto Marghera,” 5-episode radio documentary. Rai Radio 3, March 2021. Reviewed in three local newspapers: Corriere del Veneto, Il Gazzettino di Venezia, and La Nuova Venezia.

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