I graduated in Historical Sciences at the University of Naples ‘Federico II’ in 2019. I studied contemporary environmental and economic transformations, as part of the deindustrialisation process in the eastern suburbs of Naples. I’m currently a PhD candidate in Social and Political Change at the University of Turin. My research interests comprise the analysis of networks of underground economies, urban environmental issues in the Mediterranean, Middle East studies, industrial history and deindustrialisation studies. Currently, my research project involves an historical analysis of environmental management cultures and policies concerning Italian industrial and deindustrial areas.

Project Statement

I intend to study the networks of underground economies in Mediterranean suburban areas, especially those involved in a deindustrialisation process. I will analyse these processes through comparate case studies to be found in the peripheries of Mediterranean cities. A historical perspective will support and be supported by sociological analysis. The main objective is to retrace the correlations between underground economies networks, patterns of consumption and suburban ecosystemic transformations. I intend to follow these networks’ circuits while retracing the careers of smugglers, the production and circulation of goods and the strategies for waste disposal. I am trying to focus on areas involved in deindustrialisation processes: I think that the production, distribution, consumption and disposal of illegal goods could be socially linked to the effects of deindustrialisation and materially eased by the presence of brownfields and abandoned industrial activities.